Increase Self-Esteem and Crush People-Pleasing!

Want to stop people-pleasing, and live with inner-empowered confidence? Grab the free 10-MINUTE GUIDE TO SETTING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES and get top tips and actions steps showing you how to increase peace and self-confidence with effective boundaries!

Brent Peak, Certified Coach and Professional Counselor

Brent Peak, LPC

Relational Resilience Coach
Clinically-trained and Certified

What You’ll Get In Your Free Guide

Top Tips

In this free guide you’ll receive top tips for identifying the problem, challenging your doubts, and supporting yourself in your growing confidence as you set healthy boundaries.

Action Steps

You will also find achievable steps that will help you take decisive action in setting boundaries and dealing with push-back from others who aren’t so good with boundaries themselves.

Are you ready to stop people-pleasing?


Then download this free guide now. In this packed PDF you’ll discover:

    • The 4 signs that you need better boundaries.
    • The 6 types of boundaries you need in order to enjoy a healthy relationship.
    • The 5 benefits of setting boundaries with others.

Plus, the exact steps to take to set boundaries and deal with push-back!

This guide will give you what you need to start your journey of inner-empowered confidence. Setting healthy boundaries is the only way to enjoy healthy relationships. And I’m here to help you. Let’s get started!