When you’re on the road to Personal Transformation, there’s a lot of aspects of your life you want to change. This can feel like hard work. Sometimes it’s even going to seem frustrating, especially when you’ve been suffering setbacks, such as falling into old behavior patterns. 

How can you give yourself a boost to keep your energy and interest up as you undergo a lengthy transformation of yourself?

Keep Score

Journal the process. By writing down where you are now and what you’re going through, you create a record you can look back at when you need some inspiration. This document will help you measure your progress as you go.

Talk to Someone

We all need a solid support network. This is especially crucial when going through a transformation of this nature. Enlist someone who supports you, who can do the occasional check-in, and offer encouragement along the way.

Take Time to Breathe

Sometimes you need to center yourself again, especially as you’re working through the hard stuff. Sit quietly and take several deep breaths, nice and slow. Consider a short meditation session to take this idea to the next level if you have the time.

Eat Something Good

Your body is going to continue to need fuel to function as you undergo this transformation. Be sure to snack on healthy treats, then take time to exercise and get some extra sleep to maintain your physical health. You’ll be better able to think and sort through things if you’re feeling good.

Allow Yourself Emotions

Anytime you work on yourself, it’s going to bring up all kinds of emotions. Don’t suppress this. Instead, acknowledge how you’re feeling. Accept the emotion as being valid before consciously letting it go. If you can do this, these emotions will no longer rule you the way they have been.

Do the Work

Sometimes we discover our triggers have some rather unpleasant origins. If you’re coming up with past trauma which is holding you back, it will do you good to address it professionally. Counselors are trained in this sort of thing and can help you sort through these issues in a safe and compassionate atmosphere.

No Matter What, Hang in There

Patience, persistence, and a dose of good old-fashioned stubbornness will help you to carry through with your personal transformation even when you start to falter and fall. As painful as the process sometimes is, try keeping in mind how wonderful you’re going to feel afterward. Pushing through is hard work, but it’s necessary if you truly want to change for the better. Hang in there, and everything will get better soon!