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Brent Peak, Certified Coach and Professional Counselor

Brent Peak, LPC

Relational Resilience Coach
Clinically-trained and Certified

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Brent Peak, a licensed professional counselor and relational resilience coach.

I’ve spent thousands of hours helping countless adults overcome the emotional hang-ups that keep them from experiencing the resilience and serenity necessary to live a balanced, inner-empowered life.

Maybe you’ve said to yourself:

“I feel so depleted after caring for everyone else.”

“Why can’t I stand up for myself without feeling guilty?”

“Everyone always takes me for granted.”

“Will I always have to settle for one-sided relationships?”

Maybe it’s much worse. Maybe you’ve lost your way and have become accustomed to other people taking advantage of you or subjecting you to emotional abuse.

If any of those apply to you, then you’re in the right place! Whether you have a long history of self-doubt and people-pleasing, or you’ve recently encountered a bad situation that’s knocked you off your game, I can help you.

I love helping depleted people-pleasers develop boundaries without guilt so they can enjoy balanced, fulfilling relationships.

I want to help you get your life back on track through the core skills of self-compassion, self-awareness, resilient serenity, effective boundaries, and relational communication.

Setting healthy boundaries is the only way to enjoy a healthy relationship. The first thing you should do is grab my free 10-Minute Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries to get started. I look forward to helping you on your journey of inner-empowerment!