Transformation eBook Bundle

With this eBook, workbook, and audiobook bundle, you will become intimately aware of how to make positive and long-lasting change in your life through a personal transformation process.

With the Transformation program, you will uncover…

  • The 4 Key Steps to The Personal Transformation Process
  • How To Implement These Steps in Each Key Area of Your Life
  • What To Expect on Your Journey of Personal Transformation

(Your bundled order will include the eBook, workbook, audiobook, and 4 bonus reports about key transformation practices.)


    Healthy Boundaries (ebook)

    In this guide, you’ll find many useful tips and tools for creating, setting, and enforcing healthy boundaries:

      • The definition of boundaries
      • The 6 main types of boundaries
      • How to enforce your boundaries
      • How to talk about boundaries with a partner
      • How to set boundaries at work
      • What to keep in mind when you face pushback
      • How to handle someone who disrespects your boundaries
      • …and more!




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